What is OrmeggiOnline?

OrmeggiOnline is the portal that makes life easier for owners, allowing them to book the perfect berth or berth in just a few clicks!

How? By putting ports and shipowners in contact in a simple and fast way, combining supply and demand in a natural way.


Why should a shipowner choose OrmeggiOnline?

To be able to choose and find your berth or mooring in a simple, easy and fast way.

To always have updated and verified information at hand.

For the free service.


How long before arrival should I book the berth?

We recommend that you start contacting the ports as soon as the stages of your cruise are chosen.

Ports must respond to requests for quotation within 48 hours at the latest.

It is possible, however, to send multiple requests for quotation to several ports at the same time.


How is the booking confirmed?

To confirm the reservation and accept a quote, you must proceed with the payment of an advance on the total.

The remaining part will be paid directly to the Port, once you arrive on site.

In case of low amounts it will be possible to pay the full amount directly.


What payment methods are accepted?

Payments can be made by Credit Card.


Why should a port choose OrmeggiOnline?

There are no fixed costs: neither participation nor investment. Only a small commission at the end of the month for successful bookings.

There is no need for a published price list: ample freedom to draw up personalized quotes every time, based on your availability.

Reserved page to be found more easily.


How can I find out if a port has berths available?

You must send a quote to the port, which will reply according to your availability within 48 hours of the request.

It is possible to send multiple quote requests to multiple ports at the same time.


Where are the ports on the portal located?

At the moment the ports available on OrmeggiOnline are located on the Italian national territory.

But we hope to expand the choice soon by including foreign ports in the Mediterranean Sea.


How does the payment work?

To confirm a reservation it will be necessary to pay an advance of 30% on the quote you intend to accept (in case of low amounts it will be possible to pay the full amount directly).

The balance of the full amount will then be paid to the Port directly on site.


Is it possible to cancel reservations and how?

It is possible to cancel a confirmed reservation in the following ways:

Up to 24 hours before the agreed arrival date, cancellation involves the loss of only the deposit paid at the time of booking.

After 24 hours from the agreed arrival date, the entire amount paid will be lost if the total has been paid.